We do understand that memory and PCBs are expensive and it’s not cheap to develop chips that go through thick and thin and through numerous improvements, castrations, optimizations etc. It’s impossible to resist the beauty of the sparkling heatsink, I even got up early in the morning to caress the half-sun with the first rays of the real sun: We insist that the policy of cheating in the drivers for benchmarks be withdrawn, and we ask both companies to disclose normal specifications of their products instead of showing only what’s beneficial for marketing departments. The MSI’s design differs a little from the reference Ultra card, – the right section that controls the power supply is redesigned. This time it’s connected not with shaders, but with forced compression of semitransparent textures which are used to form puffs of smoke.

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That is why we measure a degree of smartness of programmers and driver developers rather than a real card’s speed.

MSI FX5900-TD128 graphics card – GF FX 5900 – 128 MB

But before we look at the speed, let’s look at how it looks. CDs with different software see the photo on the rightincluding games and simply interesting programs. The testers are actually hostages of lies and pseudo-crowns in the 3D graphics sphere and they have fc5900 test the performance of accelerators AS IS.


If you are strongly against optimizations and welcome only the drivers patched with the AntiDetect, I beg you to think again because it’s really useless. fx5900

If you are interested in how both cards do AA, AF, texture compression, bandwidth optimisations or any of the other base tech issues that you’d like to know about, check out our previous articles on both cards. What is the last product is not clear yet.

GeForce FX 5900

VSync off, S3TC off in applications. When we tested the performance with the patch 3. Cards used for comparison:. New driver versions will bring new optimizations which will be hidden deeper and more properly.

PassMark – GeForce FX – Price performance comparison

Some people in the forums advocate pure, unbiased drivers. Taking into account the speed gain of the FX on the drivers v Where is FutureMark now which a while go blamed cheaters so angrily and released the patch 3. This Taiwanese company has a wide range of products from mainboards to optical drives. The final performance depends on the accelerator’s capabilities, drivers and such optimizations.

The BMP comparison clearly shows that. It reminds me Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer when Tom’s Aunt suspected him of all faults, while his brother was just a little reproved. Do the authors of the 3DMark03 keep their promise?

We thus measure not the video cards performance but smartness of programmers. There are definitely some changes. What’s the use of a cooler which is pressed to the backside with a rigid thermal element when there is a heap of logic elements between this cooler and the textolite?


The bigger cooler, which is extolled above is made of copper and well adjusted for the card’s configuration. This and other reviews of the NV3x based cards are listed below.

The package is FlipChip, and the die is covered fx500 with a protective lid. But will that be true? As always, when talking about NV35, it’s worth talking about its split personality.

Besides, as Aleksei Nikolaichuk says in his articlecheats change the effect, and the benchmark doesn’t operate as it was originally planned by the benchmark makers. The small cooler is rather a victim of fashion than a real necessity.

As we mentioned above, in the Game4 of the 3DMark03 3. However, first come not the most powerful FX Ultra based accelerators but a bit slower ones. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The answer mzi not simple.

First of all, let’s estimate the speed. Let’s sum up the results of the 3DMark Theoretical texture fillrate is the same at all times, it’s just the raw pixel fillrate that drops.