Mortal Kombat looks more natural with scanlines, since you can make out knuckles and skin tones on actors. Sun Oct 26, 2: Not all the time but it does happen. Either I’ve just grown to accept the LCDs as good enough or the quality has improved a ton probably the later , but after upgrading every few years, I’m happy enough to not want to devote so much desk space to those heat monsters I think you could roast marshmallows over them , so I’m giving up the dream. Why xp with inserted scanlines instead of real xp, you ask? Thu Oct 30, 2:

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Though that decision was a little easier, as at the end diamonftron its life, it took the monitor thirty minutes to warm up to usable brightness. Monitors by Lori Grunin Oct 15, Why xp with inserted scanlines instead of real xp, you ask?

Rise of the Triad modding site! I used it until recently. It’s a shame OLED seems to have died out, just as it held promise of becoming viable.

About ten years ago when I bought my first 24″ LCDs for space reasons, I stuck my three Diamondtrons in storage hoping I could get back to using them someday as I felt the image was better.


Factory Preset Resolution Modes. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I diamonstron too about flat panels needing improved tech. The PC is pricy given that it’s huge, it’s likely broken in some way and is not a convenient as the Titler.

Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 91 – CRT monitor – 19″

It hasn’t yet brought the Surface Hub 2 collaboration platform to mitsunishi availability, but Microsoft’s outlined the Hub strategy in broad strokes.

While it is capable of displaying “true” p using the Hz trick, this shot is actually in superwide p x aspect-corrected to 4: It’s a samsung syncmaster. That’s a great find being new. That crt was very useful though. A 22″ CRT with good dot pitch might fetch a decent amount of change too, but it depends.

He said he had problems with the 60hz line scrolling on camera and it couldn’t focus; what a dumb arse. I’m not gonna lie, this method is not for everyone. Emulator is centered x within x so no distorted pixels. Seems most of those who were working on it have abandoned it.

I misunderstood my friend. Display Image Aspect Ratio. Included display timing shot so you can see the scanlines are native and not emulated. Yeah, Solaris Japan was where I saw the Framemeister at.


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Sat Oct 25, 7: From Australia, but he has a distributor in Ohio. Arguably, they also dominate at resolution independence, but with high DPI screens becoming more available, they will also become diammondtron in this area. Toss them up on your local free classified listings and see if someone wants them, but otherwise free up the space in your closet for other crap.

Also, there were many resolutions that fall under the “p” umbrella, such as x, x, x, etc.

In last post, you can see how my friend has monitor connected. Fri Oct 24, 5: Fri Oct 24, 2: Do they have any value worth trying to sell them? Click [here] to see my collection of retro bliss!

He can only monitor the original signal when he’s using RGB out.