The time now is If you carry ShipPlotter on board any vessel you must understand that, while ShipPlotter may provide you with some potentially useful information about some of the ships in your vicinity, COAA does not make any warranties whatsoever that ShipPlotter is fit or appropriate for any application, including but not limited to, applications where the safety of life is at stake. Power drain on the battery bank was minimal since the only extra load was running the Yaesu FT 2m Ham radio. He died 2 weeks later. NOAH charts code names.

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The AIS system faithfully reported all the ship, tug, and ferry traffic and since it was a clear day, it was easy to relate the display to the real world. Only ship position messages and ship static data messages mirrorboa decoded by Pocket ShipPlotter but the option to save the complete NMEA serial data to a file allows you to replay the full data at a later date using ShipPlotter running on a laptop or desktop.

Lakeland Developer: Java/Swing Mirrorbow Remote Control Program

Serge do you have these? Each folder contains a. Then I measured some temperatures in my conservatory and garage. Maybe one of the moderators can put that information there??? It requires a separate 12 v power supply.


Radargadgets USB AIS – Cruisers & Sailing Forums

Post the Worst “For Sale” Picture Originally Posted by rgleason Serge do you have these? Back to my technology page. He was only 45, he’d stared getting bad headaches docs thought it was blood pressure. Rick’s database archives and displays this information with a very professional user interface. See below for a selection of receivers that will work with ShipPlotter without modification.

Save the chart folder s in the chart files directory for ShipPlotter. Originally Posted by rgleason. Display Vendors by Location.

You can download DSCdecoder from www. Its capabilities are configurable and are: This add on requires an Internet mirorbow for Google-Maps but it does not require a web server.

Andy was straight up and mirrorbo, his product and after sales were 1st class. The “radar” display is especially useful. Privacy Guaranteed – your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time.

Thanks in advance guys. Would anyone have a copy of the win8 drivers for this dongle they can upload for me?


The Mirrorbow USB25IO

Now I have built a seismometer and have detected earthquakes around the world. However I’m always interested in new data acquisition projects so if you have a good idea for one. For a landbased tightbudget Shipspotting station a oldstyle single channel Receiver would be ok for me. By the time I’d done all that, Mirrorbow had stopped marketing the USB25IO and I had upgraded to a different data acquisition device for my seismometer.

The application mirrors the information displayed in this Swing panel on the built in LCD display of the mirrorbow: Its capabilities are configurable and are:.

Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. This is really the secret to successful AIS decoding. The application is configured using an XML file: Having tried a few simple things like cycling the LEDs that indicate the status of the first four bits on the USB25IO, it was time to do something more useful: NOAH charts code names.