The jammer then transmits a very high power jamming signal at the same frequency, but orthogonally polarized, to the victim radar. This is repeated times per second. With two widely spaced jamming sources at different phases, the antenna never achieves a null position or tracking solution. Multiple false targets greater in range than the jammer are generated by delaying the transmission of a jamming pulse until after the victim radar pulse has been received. It can generate sufficient errors to deny range information and is effective against most automatic range tracking systems.

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The echoes may be so intense as to make observation of the real target s difficult. The Shrike, built by Texas Instruments, had different variants designed to home in on different frequencies. So frequently acquisition antennas are wider than tall, giving a narrower azimuth beam width than elevation band width.

The purpose of a TTR is to continuously update target range, azimuth, and velocity. A special radio transponder in friendly aircraft would transmit a pattern of pulses a few microseconds after receiving the coded pulse.

These enhancements may include: Perhaps you are wondering, why use bifilar secondary when one will do the job? The phase front of a monopulse signal is received by the number 1 receive antenna, amplified by the repeater, and transmitted by the number 2 transmit antenna. A radar set transmits radio waves out in a narrow beam similar to a flash light beam. The second assumption is that any shift in amplitude or phase in a target return is due to the tracking antenna dorce pointing directly at a target.

This system is not useful for the tracking radars and was not an option. Here is a 30 minute Air Force ofrce of magnetron maintenance. Just turning on your radar transmitter and radiating can give the enemy interesting information for present or future use.


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In addition, intelligence and engineering information on exactly how a specific threat system acquires, tracks and engages a target is essential in identifying system weaknesses. The operator has a number of controls, the following are of special interest: Later when we discuss “How The Tracking Radar Points at an Elta8560these rectangular wave guides will split the energy from the feed horns, rotate the waves, combine the waves in a subtractive way, do some more electronic tricks, and get antenna pointing error information.

The radar is sensitive to buildings, vehicles, mountains, trees, Notice the secondary, connected to elta-856 magnetron filament. For a variety of reasons, the edge of the parabola is not “illuminated” as strongly as the center, and the “beam width” and power gain is not the full theoretical value.

The Doppler noise jammer receives each pulse and applies a random frequency shift, either positive or negative, to each pulse. Peak power wheek to maximum voltage is quite limited. One person was in the hweel room, which was located just below the radar dome.

This retransmitted signal, called a cover pulse, is displayed in the range gate with the target signal. If the VGPO technique changes the frequency of the jamming pulse too rapidly, the tracking loop, with acceleration stops, will reject the jamming pulse and stay on the target.

To generate different azimuth false targets, the deception jammer synchronizes its transmitted pulse with the victim aheel sidelobes. Every thing else in the Nike system warmed up adequately in 5 minutes or less. While operating hot cathode magnetrons, the filament current is reduced to prevent overheating the cathode.


There is also a hybrid between the two sometimes called “Pulse-Doppler” used in Patriot radar. You may notice that “stealthy” aircraft have lots of flat surfaces likely to reflect a radar signal up, or down, but not back to the transmitting radar antenna. In principle the aircraft being illuminated by the radar permits one of the aircraft’s ARM missiles to corce onto that radar, and the aircraft can then “launch and forget” the ARM missile.

This transmission pattern maximizes the energy directed toward the ground and minimizes the energy transmitted toward the missile or radar. The 36 receiver forde also enhanced with a better signal to noise ratio.

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This type of jamming comes from many sources such as other radar transmitters, TV transmitters, radio transmitters, ground clutter, weather, etc. Unlike human listening, which is gathered from all eota-8560, the radar antenna is designed to be very sensitive to radar waves from the same narrow beam or fan, and to be as insensitive as practical to radar frequencies from other directions very useful in reducing accidental or intentional interference. To withstand this high voltage, the filament transformer must be heavily insulated, thereby making it bulky and expensive.