Switch off the printer Insert the memory card into the specific slot Switch on the printer If the memory card contains an emulation, program the new set up parameters; if the memory card contains an optional font, select the external font. Next check the power supply board checking the condition of the fuses and that there is power to the main board. If the print quality should deteriorate along the writing line, it is advisable to check the distance and if necessary, adjust the gap between the print head and printing surface. The color head also requires particular care as far as cleaning the nozzles are concerned. Diagnostics and Test – Print quality faults Includes all faults which do not block the printer but reduce the print quality considerably. User Maintenance Black Ink jet head cleaning and maintenance: The resistors are divided into four groups; two of which contain 12 resistors and two

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There is an “Operating guide” printed inside the container that describes the installation procedure.

DECwriter 500i DECcolorwriter 520ic Service Manual (LJ500 and LJ520)

Yellow 2 4 6 8 1 3 5 7 Magenta 19 21 23 25 20 22 24 26 Cyan 44 46 48 50 45 47 49 51 Fig Nozzle Matrixes Functional Description Resistor enabling circuit specifications: The head is guaranteed for approximately 18 months if preserved in its sealed container and for approximately 6 months if unprotected the two periods are cumulative.

The test supplies the following information: This group does not include national variations or semigraphic symbols. The operational status of the machine is given in Section 2. The ink is in three containers, one for each color. A01 First Edition – July The information in this document decariter subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Digital Equipment Corporation.


Printer: DEC DECWriter i | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Always switch off the printer before switching off the computer. If the paper feed from the drawer is irregular, re-shuffle and turn over the sheets in the drawer, clean the feed rollers, adjust the side clasps and the rear sheet clasp. At this dcewriter, the eject command for a new bubble can begin. To do so, grasp the head pulling it towards the rear and remove it from its position.

DECwriter i DECcolorwriter ic Spare Parts & Options List – Manx

Push the slide back and forth as shown in the figure, until some ink is seen one or two centimeters in the tube below the slide. For correct head functions, the above voltage must be stabilized. The printable area for continuous modules can be obtained from the table below, together with the figure that illustrates the meaning of the values in the table. The ink jet head requires particular care as far as cleaning the nozzles are concerned.

Parts Replacement 9.

DECwriter 500i DECcolorwriter 520ic Spare Parts & Options List

The first page as would be printed with a black print head is shown below: They are placed in sequence on each column as illustrated in figure deecwriter Remove the ASF decwritrr from the machine Insert the sheets max. This printer can be connected to personal computers with a standard parallel or optional serial interface. Given their particular structure, the nozzles are likely to get clogged with dust or, if exposed, dried ink.

Detailed instructions are contained in the packing together with the device.


The optional emulations cannot handle optional fonts on the memory card. Check that the interface cable is the correct 5500i and that it is not too long 2.

Paper insertion from second ASF drawer: This service manual is intended for the DECwriter i monochrome inkjet printer with color option, and the DECcolorwriter ic color inkjet printer otherwise known as the LJ and LJ To feed the paper from ASF2 it is necessary to select feeding from this option in the set-up parameters.

The assignment decwriiter the codes included in the second ISO set table varies from country to country and from product to product.

To obtain the distance of 1. Decwrite inserting a memory card with optional emulation, only its codes are recognized. The latter instruction is especially important when using ink jet printers.

This operation is automatically carried out on the printer if it is inactive for a few seconds, therefore wait a few seconds after the last printout before switching off the machine. The chapters are organized to develop an autonomous and gradual approach to printer problems.

Keeping the key pressed the paper continues to advance until the key is released. The resistors are divided into four groups; one contain 12 resistors and the other three Clean the encoder strip carefully with a rag dampened with alcohol, and, if necessary persistent strains, faded or damaged vertical bars or dog-earred vecwriterreplace the part see section 9.