It is an 8-pin device and, while you can’t see it on the scan above, the number on the chip will be something similar to: Using your weapon of choice pen-knife, razor blade, X-Acto knife, etc. We can destroy it, we can pee on it, we can set it on fire, we can strap gi joes and 74 bottle rockets to it and boldly send it where no cat-shaped bar code reader has gone before. Cats can be found auctioned on EBay and similar sites, or at some of the lesser-trafficked Radio Shack stores for US residents, anyway. If you don’t mind taking your:

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So far, you can turn them into regular barcode readers, add a power switch for mobile computing, or strip out most of the guts and make them into flashlights. Cats can be found auctioned on EBay and similar sites, or at some of the lesser-trafficked Radio Shack stores for US residents, anyway. My own wild speculation is that these values relate somehow to the ceucat speed or a “read quality” indication, and could be used to set R13 [amplifier gain?

CueCat Driver

This is my preferred method, since it sets your serial number to which may be easier for decoder programs to accept as a valid serial number. Linux advocates and others using non-approved interface software with the device contend that liux was the manufacturer’s own stupid idea to give away free scanners, then try to retroactively force the recipients into contracts.

This is probably the easiest method. It’s been a year and a half since I said I’d get cracking on the 2.

Specifically, the letters made vague references to Intellectual Property violations, without saying how cuect IP has been compromised by writing an interface program from scratch known as “clean-room engineering”or even cueccat IP copyright, trademark, patent, etc had supposedly been violated. The intent of the manufacturer is that companies will pay to license the ability to create barcodes in the: I got so fed up with this industry that I felt the urge to change career path while I still could.


Using your weapon of choice pen-knife, razor blade, X-Acto knife, etc.

Cuecat Barcode Reader – Linux StepByStep

It seems to be change from one scan to the next, and does not return values on every scan. What I’m trying to say is that the CueCat driver is now officially abandonware, and anyone willing to pick it up, update it, rewrite it, maintain it or do whatever else he wants with the code is more than welcome to do so. You can’t turn them into clock-radios or anything like that, but they’re still useful for cataloguing your CDs, library checkout, inventory, point of sale It intercepts CueCat scancodes in the normal keyboard or mouse scancode flow, decodes them, correct them for errors and sends them in clear to a regular character device file.

Here is the cablewith one plug sliced off and wire end stripped. You’ll note that there are a number of these useless-looking holes all lined up in a pretty row, you ask, “so what do the REST of them do? All in all, it is a decent quality mono audio cable, about 25 ft.

Since the scanner device is designed and given away in order to make the parent company money, it’s safe to assume they don’t want people using the free scanners in ways other than intended, including as a product-inventory or cataloguing tool, night light, doorstop, flashlightmotion detector, etc Cat in the process, you can always get another one, they’re free: Each of these is of course a different swipe Cat will output only a raw, un-encrypted barcode no serial or any such nonsense.


Detailed instructions are herebut I should forwarn you of a problem I experienced with the instructions listed aside from it basically saying, “Don’t bother with win95, it won’t work”: Patches available for the following linux kernel versions: If you can do the “Neuter” procedure above, you can certainly perform this one too–but if you go this route, the “Neuter” will not even be necessary because the: You may be able to use the: The company responded by firing off loads of cease-and-desist lawyer letters warning Linux developers that Bad Things would happen if they didn’t take down all their software right away.

This is the chip marked with the red arrow above. Not technically “unmodified”; this is the same: As with any electronic device, make sure the power is disconnected before performing any surgery on the: I’ve tested this to work on the 0.

As long as your: The blue dot represents a small circular dimple you should see on the top of the chip, which indicates Pin 1.

Corporate and Clueless ZDnet rant Quick CueCat Modification Solutions – Instructions for performing the “Decode” hack on the three major boards, and offers to do it for you for a small fee. I have received a report of the “neuter” procedure causing cuceat So thanks for your patience, and hopefully I’ll be able to get going on it soon.

A userspace utility is also provided to test a CueCat without patching the kernel, and plans to make a cheap serial pod for the CueCat are included as well.