So if you play any windowed games for whatever reason then the HD X2 will perform exactly like a HD single card. The performance was a surprise. If the Big Dog HDx2 is a little rich for your blood, then the Sapphire HDx2 will fit both the price and performance requirements for the vast majority of the public. Specifications Full list of technical specs. All trademarks and logos are acknowledged as the property of their respective holders. Defeating NVIDIA in the last high-end market segment where they had any breathing space, and bringing the possibility of gaming on a 30″ LCD with anti-aliasing enabled to an even lower price point. Editor’s Choice What happens when you take two HD video and add memory to them to total 2 gigabyte and then mount all of this on a single video card.

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We can mention all the wonderful features which this raden may have that makes its performance so great but what is really wonderful about the HD X2 is its overclocking. The performance was a surprise. The HD X2 is one of those really weird releases. Sapphire has chosen to use their own cooler design with two independent fans over the AMD reference cooler.

Top Rank Award So did 485×02 fill a niche void and provide a card to the consumer that wanted a dual core card without the killer huge price?

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. As with all of the current high-end cards, the HD X2 excels at the highest-resolution available, x So did Sapphire fill a niche void and provide a card to the consumer that wanted a dual core card without the killer huge price? The performance in which the Sapphire HD X2 is just what the doctor ordered.


The actual 3D performance gained is It executes like a pro. The original word was that the card would launch alongside the HD X2; clearly it didn’t.

Radeon HD 4850 X2

Sapphire’s heatsink assembly is quite big and consists of two independent heatsinks that look a bit like CPU coolers. In all, the cooling solution isn’t perfect but it does definitely get the job done. Another factor to consider is that CrossFire does not work in windowed 3D.

Competitive price, market leading features, great cooling and some excellent performance, it really is hard to ignore just how good the Sapphire X2 is. What People Are Saying Give it to me straight. That was my initial reaction when looking upon the new Sapphire HD X2 video card.

Move forward to November hdd we finally have the release of the card. For the many games that do work, you’ll see a big jump in FPS that will certainly earn the envy of your friends. What’s interesting about the HD X2 is that the decision to build the card is completely up to the partner who has to make it themselves. If that’s the resolution you play at, this card hdd the card to buy.

Word came through that the card was delayed for a week or two, but after that time was up the talk of the card faded. Other Radeon HD X2s. With all things considered, it earns the Bigbruin. We believe any extra performance numbers you get from a video card is great but when you are doing it on two cores and two sets of ram it is wonderful.


Sapphire Radeon HD X2 Specs – CNET

The latest family of ATI hardware has flexed some serious muscle. Overall, Sapphire is the first to market the HD X2 and it will certainly be a huge hit. For that reason, the only company to currently have a HD X2 floating around on the world wide interweb is from Sapphire. The Sapphire HD X2 not only is a direct threat to nVidia’s flagship product, but it aims to completely dominate this generation with its easy-to-swallow price point.

ATI has learned that being the king of graphics means you must raise the bar for performance with each product release.

PassMark – Radeon HD X2 – Price performance comparison

We recommend this card to any gamer interested in a reasonably priced investment in greater 3D power. But regardless, even without the core overclocking, the card is still a tremendous value and should be considered a great investment for a little bit more money over a single core HD It is able to crank out some serious frame rates in modern 3D games, and you can do so with the settings turned up, way up.

I’m completely surprised by how well the HD X2 cools itself, I was skeptical that the two tiny heatsinks would be able to do the trick, especially when there’s probably more metal on the shroud than with the heatsink.

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