However, the 10G NICs are still not being detected! Thread starter Indra Pramana Start date Jul 30, Or do I have to recompile the kernel? I’ll provide the link in a few minutes. There’s no reason for it not to unless you recompiled it wrong somehow. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. And many thanks for your help in creating the support ticket, greatly appreciated.

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Was shocked at how long it took.

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However, the 10G NICs are still not being detected! This is one of those times that you could have done it yourself if aoc-stgn–i2s had the experience. But is there a way for me to copy the compiled driver into the FreeNAS system, considering that the filesystem is read-only?

I had to recompile FreeNAS without that driver so I could inject my own without the driver “already existing”. Keep in mind those instructions may not be up to date, so you may be unwittingly doing aoc-stgn-is2 wrong.


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True However the NIC is still cannot be detected. Would it be possible for me to provide the version 2. How did you recompile the FreeNAS kernel? If you do compile it to a.

Indra Pramana Jul 30, What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, Do keep in mind that each time FreeNAS is updated you would have to recompile the drivers for the new FreeBSD version, any upgrade will overwrite the old files, etc.

It could be that your version was removed because it was broken or something. Is there any guidance for building FreeNAS 9.

Sat Apr 6 Took something like 6 hours to compile on my dual processor Xeon machine. Let us just stick with the download from the Intel website.

Assuming you properly added the driver and such, it should work. I know I could provide stuff especially driver updates for the FreeNAS project, but as I’m clueless and I don’t have the know-how to identify what I should do from what I shouldn’t, how to identify that an error really means something bad vice something to ignore for example.


Part 2 – http: I got the file: I’m not sure how to fix that easily. I tried to follow the instruction, but after running the svn, I noticed that the guidance is for building FreeNAS 8.

AOC-STGN-i2S Intel 82599ES 10GbE not detected

Not too sure whether it’ll work. Joined Apr aoc-stgn-i2x, Messages 1, Thanks I can upload the file here or send to you if needed.

I’ll submit the ticket with the link. Understood, I agree with your suggestion. It really depends on a lot of factors.

Joined Jul 30, Messages 9 Thanks 0. That sounds like there is an ixgbe driver already loading by the FreeNAS kernel so yours won’t load. Indra Liunx Jul 31, Is it confirmed that this is something that only FreeNAS team can do?

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