In this version, the old driver is replaced with the latest most modern driver. Thank you very much, I am very satisfied! Klingt wirklich ganz abgehoben. I am selling a pair of almost new AER Mk1 fullrange drivers. I need those parameters to simulate the pistonic frequency range behavior of the system before I make a selection between the two. Allen County Public Library. Now I’m doing a little research and have two questions

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review33 – 影音天地: 請問邊到買到AER driver?想用MD-3B

It is a pity that I could not zer your drive before Refoaming is the exchange of the beading that connects the membrane and the basket with one another. Reconing is the replacement of not only the membrane, but also the complete driver.

Iam looking for a Dipole Open Baffle full range driver. I can find no reference to format. You now the speakers very well, what is your experience in this regard? RSS Feed of thread. Kindest Regards, Onur I. Please, inform me prices and some Q details of this drivers, and more a Freq x dB graphic if you have on hand, for compare this both drivers response x price.


The sound might also be affected by the electronics involved. You can download some samples on the same site I posted earlier.

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You should replace any partial hardening of the beading, cracks or holes. Make the information on this image better by adding what you know. What cabinets do reccoment for home use in a 25sqm room. Filip Keller, I am very much pleased to receive a personal email from you.

Allen County Public Library State: The only disappointement comes from the very long shipping delay And I am the designer of the Singular enclosure for Mr. The Excenter is a new horn speaker which not only looks unique, but sounds unique. Klingt wirklich ganz abgehoben. Service Upgrade and Ae. Klasse ist, das jetzt auch Herr F. Kind regards Timothy H.

The AER are Lowthers made right. Ser Axjet is a speaker system with digital room correction, which sets completely new standards when playing music. Register today and start selling or finding. To get the latest that Fold3 has to offer, you’ll need to update to one of the following modern browsers. Some little adjustments are necessary.


Allen County Public Library. Now I’m doing a little research and have two questions As I told youI was pretty satisfied with the drive sold by … Room damping provided by lots of books Room size 13 w x 16 d x 9 h Review mc1b retail Lamhorn 1. I need to install them into my speakers. Bass, how deep can you go? Best Regards Oddmund J.

San Francisco Chronicle Content Source: Of course we will also repair your AER driver, should it be necessary.