Registering Custom Original Size Registering Custom Original Size If you normally copying or scanning onto an original size that is not registered in this machine non-standard size , it is convenient to register that size in advance. When scanning is completed, the machine automatically sends e-mail to the destination e-mail address. Restarting the Machine Perform the following procedure to restart the machine after you have changed any network settings in order to properly register the content of those settings in the machine. Press the Start key to start scanning. Repeat step 6 until all originals have been scanned. Selecting the Original Quality for Scanning The original quality mode is used to optimize scanning quality according to the type of originals. Continuous Scanning Use Continuous Scan to scan originals into memory in individual sections which may require different settings.

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Page Paper feed source Note Press the Press the Enter key. Refer to the following table for more information.

Photo Processing Method Photo Processing Method Use the following procedure to select the method for processing copies of photographs. Press the the print paper to be registered. The printer can print using recycled paper, envelopes, and transparencies.

The Reset Timer screen is displayed. Adjusting the Exposure for Scanning This section explains how to make adjustments to the exposure iyocera. Press the Status and press the Enter key. Entering the Subject and Body Message of E-Mail The subject and body message of e-mail to which the scanned image is attached can be edited according to the preference.


Selecting the Original Placement for Scanning Perform the following procedure to select the placement that the original is scanned. Message Language You can select the language of the messages display by following the procedure given below. Page 75 Examples The kkm-1815 shows the available job log information. With this printer you get color scan to email and scan once capacities. Then shake the new toner container before inserting it into the printer.

Scanning Functions This chapter explains the following topics: In the same manner as you did in step 6, select whether or not a report is to be printed out upon a KPDL error, and press the Enter key. The administrator has forgotten the Admin password.

Press the key or the key to select Cassette1 Size and press the Enter key. Icons Icons A number of icons are displayed on kyocerx Status screen that is explained in this section. The message display returns to the Print Job Status screen and the canceled job is deleted from the list of jobs being processed. Low Power Timer The machine has a Low Power Timer mk-1815 is used to conserve power when the machine is not copying, scanning, printing, or receiving data.

Kyocera KM-1815 Advanced Operation Manual

Press the key or the key to select the desired media weight and press the Enter key. Page The printer driver makes it possible for you to print data created using application software. Settings that affect the machine, such as locking the operation panel, are found under Basic page.


Label paper has a structure comprising of three layers, as shown in the figure below.

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You can oyocera download messages in other languages. Press the Start key. Label paper must be manually fed. Adjusting Copy Exposure This section explains how to make adjustments to the exposure mode.

The following indicates the file formats that are selectable under each setting. Full Color Press the setting that you want to change and press the Enter key. Resetting Toner Status Resetting Toner Status To ensure the correct information displays for the toner status, the toner gauge must be reset after replacing the toner container.

The MP Tray Size screen kycoera displayed. Canceling Jobs During Pausing The sender address must be entered correctly for SMTP kyocerw. Setting Others for Original Size If the size of the original is not shown in the display, select the Others setting above.