I have — I think — followed all the instructions, but I cannot connect to my trivial test database. I believe your ODBC driver is probably the same way. Net stops working and vice-versa. Thank you very very much for your post! Unfortunately there are no bit ODBC drivers, so on bit systems you will have to run your applications in bit mode. I did need a server-wide change though. Microsoft Access databases have been popular for many years with developers who use Active Server Pages ASP for small-scale applications, but Microsoft Access databases are not designed for scalability, therefore Access databases should only be used where performance is not a factor, and it is best not to host large-scale data-driven applications with Microsoft Access databases.

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For more information about UAC, see the following documentation:. In your case, Iiis7 believe your vendor need to come up with a new ODBC driver that supports running in 64 bit environment.

404 Error Downloading Files via IIS 7.x

I am truly, truly stuck. Bryan Lewis 1, 2 20 This will be illustrated in the following examples. I have — I think — followed all the instructions, but I cannot connect to my trivial test database. Or, if you don’t want to modify a system-wide configuration file, you could add the following lines to that section in your web. This error shows mmdb the JET database engine cannot create a temporary file as the impersonated Application Pool identity in the default Windows temporary directory.


NET so i am new to the platform. The following sections will discuss some of the reasons why this may occur and how to resolve those situations. This is a key to the magic kingdom wherever that is.

I am running Win 7 and IIS7. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If i were you, i would try tackling the problem one at a time. You can hang yourself like I almost did. mfb

If you were using the Process Monitor utility when you reproduced the error, the following information would be logged for the failure:. Currently if I am hosting an Access. The hardware and the OS is 64 bit. Double click on the virtual directory you just converted to application on step 3 above, and click handler Mappings.

This helped me out a ton! Yes… as Mathew said: So, I use the 64bit executable. So perhaps I did not set something up correctly along the way. In my experience, this is NOT necessary.


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I assume I need to add something to the Handlers section of the web. You saved me for a lot of time of investigation. The file works on my online server just not on IIS. For example, the following lines of ASP code:. A couple of steps there made all the difference. If you have the IIS Failed Request Tracing configured to capture trace logs from HTTP errors, you will see something that resembles the following illustration when you examine a trace log from the failure:.

It has solved my issue completely. I did this absent minded and all my code was displayed on the browser. Sign up using Email and Password.

This is a generic error triggered by the Access driver that may occur for a variety of reasons, but incorrect permissions is a common cause.

Here is the catch….